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Information Management Foundations

(Book through the Tasmanian Training Consortium)

This course is an introduction to information management and recordkeeping.  

It covers principles, responsibilities and processes, and introduces some current trends and thinking. 

It will also reference the recordkeeping recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

  • State and Local Government employees as well as those from other organisations which are subject to the Archives Act (1983) Tas - this includes UTAS, GBEs, SOCs, and other statutory bodies

  • Anyone who is responsible for managing records within a business unit

You will:

  • Know what a state record is and understand your responsibilities
  • Know when to create a record and how to manage information so that it can be found again and re-used
  • Understand what a disposal schedule is and be able to use it
  • Understand the relevance of information security and know what to do if there is a data breach
  • Develop an information management action plan for your business unit.

Additional training and awareness raising materials can be sourced from our Presentations + Papers pages for in-house use.​​