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​Transfer & Retrieval of Records

Transfer of Records to TAHO

Records identified as having 'permanent' status in a disposal schedule should be transferred to TAHO when business use ceases.

Agencies may make application to TAHO for early transfer of a particular group of records, for example if they are ceasing to exist as a government entity or if the records are of particular cultural significance. Contact us for appraisal. Note that limitations on available storage space means that it is highly unlikely that TAHO would accept general administrative records earlier than transfer date.

Records for transfer must be packed in archival quality acid free boxes or other suitable packaging so that they will have the best protection against deterioration. Archival quality boxes and folders to house a range of record formats can be obtained from specialist suppliers.

Review Advice 12 Preparing hard copy records for transfer, for additional information.

An Application to Dispose of State Records form should be completed and emailed through to TAHO Collections


Short term retrieval of Records from TAHO

State and local government organisations may request to view their records in the History Room at the 91 Murray Street (Hobart) site. Alternatively, requests can be made for the short-term return of State records transferred to TAHO.

Rights and responsibilities around short term retrievals are detailed in Guideline 12 Short term retrieval of State Archives.

Procedures for requesting, retrieving and returning records are outlined below:

For more information, Agencies should contact TAHO Collections staff.