​Secondary Storage Certification

Each agency as defined under the Archives Act 1983 needs to ensure the safety and proper preservation of the State records that it creates. If an agency decides to use the services of a commercial storage provider, they must ensure that minimum compliance requirements for the storage of records will be met.​

To assist agencies in the understanding and implementation of this obligation, we have written Guideline 13 Certification for Secondary Storage Providers, which sets out minimum compliance requirements for the storage of state records.

This guideline is issued under the provisions of Section 10A of the Archives Act 1983. Guidelines issued by the State Archivist under this Section set standards, policy, and procedures relating to the making and keeping of State records. This section also requires all relevant authorities to take all reasonable steps to comply with these guidelines, and put them into effect.

Secondary Storage providers will now be inspected and certified as Approved Secondary Storage Providers (ASSP).

Agencies must not use a commercial storage provider unless that provider is currently certified as an ASSP. Certification must be approved by the State Archivist and must be renewed every two years.

If an agency has records stored with a non-approved provider, the agency must take all reasonable steps to locate an ASSP in their region and, once the current contract with their existing supplier has terminated, arrange all agency records to be relocated to the ASSP's storage facilities.

A list of Secondary Storage Providers that have been certified under State Records Guideline No 13 are available here.

If you are a provider of storage services and would like to discuss arranging an inspection as part of the certification process, please contact us.​