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​Stakeholder Engagement Statement of Intent

The Government Information Strategy Unit (GISU) is committed to effective engagement with its clients and stakeholders.

GISU  recognises that inclusive engagement with stakeholders is critical to the delivery of quality services, advice and the development of effective guidelines. The increased involvement of stakeholders in planning and policy development facilitates more productive and trusting relationships, greater effectiveness in decision-making and a better understanding of, and response to, client needs.


What is Stakeholder Engagement?

Stakeholder engagement includes a range of interactions with varying levels of participation and influence graduating from information sharing, to consultation and active participation in decision-making with stakeholders.

Information Provision - A one-way relationship to deliver accurate, relevant and appropriate information to stakeholders. Methods can include newsletters, blogs and email.

Consultation - A two-way relationship to seek and receive the views of stakeholders on issues that directly affect them or in which they may have a significant interest. Methods can include surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Active Participation - A collaborative relationship in which stakeholders participate in shaping policy outcomes, programs and service options. Methods can include partnerships, committees and expert reference groups.

When will GISU engage with stakeholders?

Engagement may be conducted for initiatives relating to:

  • guideline development
  • the development of advice, training, toolkits and handbooks
  • assessment of stakeholder and client needs, and
  • service delivery

GISU will not conduct stakeholder engagement if there is no scope for stakeholder input to impact on the outcome of the project. For example, if a process is directed by legislation or existing government policies that mandate a particular course of action.

The type and the extent of the engagement activity will vary for different projects. When determining an engagement method, consideration will be given to the needs and expectations of stakeholders, GISU resources & timetable, and the scope & size of the project.