​Places of Deposit

There are two ways in which State archives can be managed over time:

  • The Tasmanian Archive + Heritage Office (TAHO) can take custody of the records, or
  • A government agency may be a place of deposit (POD)

Under this second model, State records still become State archives when 'control' passes to TAHO. However, unlike 'standard' transfer arrangements, this does not involve the records coming into the custody of TAHO. Instead, the records are kept in the custody of a government agency.

An agency wishing to become a POD needs to satisfy TAHO that they will be able to meet the relevant requirements set out in Guideline No 23 Certification for Places of Deposit of State ArchivesThese requirements have been developed to ensure that the records are managed according to the same standards as if they were in TAHO's custody. Please contact us if you would like more information.