​ORDA (Online Retention + Disposal Application)

ORDA is a secure, web-based system to manage the drafting and submission of your agency's Retention and Disposal Schedule (R&DS).

Through ORDA, you can draft (or import) your disposal schedule, export your disposal schedule in different formats, and search across other approved retention and disposal schedules.

We will review your draft schedule within ORDA and provide comments to guide your R&DS development project. 

The following documents have been prepared to assist agencies with drafting and submitting their schedules in ORDA:

ORDA Quick Tips Library + ORDA User Manual

A link is provided to ORDA, however agencies are advised that they will be unable to gain access to the system without a valid log in. Contact us for access.

Online Retention + Disposal Application

​ORDA Helpdesk

Agencies have a number of resources available when using ORDA, including the online 'help' tab within ORDA itself, the ORDA Quick Tips library, the ORDA user manual, and of course, the reviewer assigned to their schedule development project.