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Formal Industry Qualification

Educational and training courses for records and information management and related areas are offered in Australia and New Zealand.

Institutions and Providers with courses currently recognised by Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIM Professionals Australasia) are available via the RIMPA website. RIMPA have released details of their next intensive delivery Certificate IV and the Advanced Diploma in Recordkeeping, 11-12 May 2017, and, should there be sufficient demand, 1-2 June 2017. These courses will be held in Canberra, and are also available via Distance, and Distance with Phone Tutorial support. Registration and Course information on the RIMPA Calendar, on the RIMPA homepage.

Accredited courses identified by the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) can be found here. The ASA has also recently released an e-learning professional development series (available here) for members and non-members.

​Social Networking


GISU have provided a list of various social networking tools below in order to get you started!

Particularly helpful for remote sites, social networks provide a way for agencies to connect, share and learn from others in the industry.

Don't forget to visit GISU's discussion boards and participate in all the lively debate - or better yet, start your own discussion! We'd love to hear what you think.


FutureProof – State Records NSW

​Records Connect – Queensland Government Recordkeeping

​Public Records Office of Victoria

​Thinking Records UK

​Recordkeeping Innovation

​Recordkeeping Roundtable

​Andrew Warland (SharePoint)

​Kate Theimer

 Discussion Groups and Forums

​Local Government Records Management (Yahoo Group)

​AIIM Communities Australasia

​Electronic Document & Records Management Group EDRM (Linked In Group)

​Benchmarking for Content, Communications, Information and KM specialists (Linked In Group)

​Classification and Metadata for Information Governance (Linked In Group)

​Learning Community: Knowledge and Information Management Professionals (Linked in Group)

​Government Agencies Information Network (GAIN) Australia


​Professional and social network of the Australian Society of Archivists


​Records and Information Management Professionals Australia



​National Archives Australia


​FutureProof NSW



​IQ Magazine

​Image & Data Manager

​IT News,business.aspx


 Web resources

Synercon - Lest We Forget

The Information Governance Initiative