​Approved Secondary Storage Providers

We have certified the following secondary storage providers as Approved Secondary Storage Providers (ASSP).

We certify providers under the Physical Storage Technical Standard. This new Standard merges three Guidelines (Guideline 11: Physical Storage of State Records, Guideline 13: Certification for secondary storage providers and Guideline 23 Certification of Places of Deposit of State Archives.)

Before August 2019, we certified providers under Guideline 13: Certification for secondary storage providers.

The State Archivist approves certification, and it is current for three years. Renewal of certification is for a further three years. The inspection process is ongoing, and some providers are working towards certification.

We encourage you to contact the Office of the State Archivist if you are outsourcing records storage and the provider is not listed here. 

Information for providers seeking certification is in the Pre-inspection Checklist for Secondary Storage Providers.

Secondary Storage Provider Site Approved ​Date of Expiration
20 Electra Place
Mornington TAS 7018

26 May 2025

​Grace Information Management

​67 Green Banks Road
Brighton TAS 7030
15 October 2022

​ZircoDATA (formerly Iron Mountain)

​8 Whitestone Drive
Austins Ferry TAS 7011
​20 March 2021

​ZircoDATA (formerly Iron Mountain/The Document Centre)

​17 Westbury Road
Launceston TAS 7250
20 March 2021

Iron Mountain ​(formerly Recall Australia)

​59 Chapel Street
Glenorchy  TAS  7010 
17 May 2024
The Information Management Group (T!MG)
Bridgewater repository 31 December 2018