​Principle 3 Store

Alignment with this principle will ensure that the agency has met their obligation under the Archives Act 1983, and ensure that:

  • Records are stored cost effectively, and with minimal risk
  • Records are protected, secure and accessible as long as required
  • Permanent value records are stored in optimum conditions whilst in agency custody


  • Records must be stored on appropriate media or hardware, and in appropriate formats
  • Records must be stored in suitable containers, locations and systems
  • The agency must implement storage management strategies including:
    • Counter Disaster plans
    • Vital Records plans
    • Digital Records management
  • The agency must monitor records storage for environmental conditions appropriate to the media, and retention periods
  • The agency must store and handle records according to their security status
  • Where storage is outsourced, only approved secondary storage providers must be used by the agency​
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