​Principle 5 Dispose

Alignment with this principle will ensure that agencies comply with the requirement in the Archives Act 1983 for records to be delivered to the State Archivist for public use or reference, unless lawfully destroyed. The prompt, secure and lawful disposal of non-current records is essential to support accountable and efficient records management.


  • Records disposal must be approved by the State Archivist
  • The agency must develop and maintain an approved Retention and Disposal Schedule, covering all unique agency-specific functions
  • Records destruction must be secure, documented and appropriate to the media
  • The agency must have an active disposal program
  • Custody of records must be appropriately managed during Government administrative change
  • Disposal of source records must meet TAHO requirements
  • The agency must not decommission or migrate business systems without consulting TAHO
  • Permanent records must be retained in the agency for no longer than 25 years and then transferred to TAHO (unless an exemption has been granted by the State Archivist)

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5AdviceAdvice 09 Disposal of Scheduled Records13/07/200513/07/2005Under Review
5AdviceAdvice 10 Disposal of Unscheduled Records13/07/200518/05/2012Under Review
5AdviceAdvice 12 Preparing hard copy records for transfer to the Tasmanian Archive + Heritage Office30/11/201330/11/2013Under Review
5AdviceAdvice 13 Writing Disposal Classes13/07/200513/07/2005Under Review
5AdviceAdvice 28 Getting Started on the Development of an Agency Functional Disposal Schedule30/11/201230/11/2012Under Review
5AdviceAdvice 29 Advice for Agencies on Managing Legacy Records30/11/201230/11/2012Under Review
5AdviceAdvice 69 Register of Records Destroyed31/03/201531/03/2015Under Review
5ChecklistAdvice 10 Checklist Disposal of Unscheduled Records18/05/201218/05/2012Under Review
5ChecklistAdvice 10 Checklist Disposal of Unscheduled Records18/05/201218/05/2012Under Review
5GuidelineGuideline 02 Retention and Disposal of State Records13/07/20054/06/2015Under Review
5GuidelineGuideline 06 Developing a Functional Records Disposal Schedule13/07/200530/05/2015Under Review
5GuidelineGuideline 08 Digitisation and Disposal of Source Records31/07/200530/07/2005Under Review
5GuidelineGuideline 09 Managing Ministerial Records31/07/200531/03/2014Under Review
5GuidelineGuideline 21 Approved destruction methods for State records8/04/20138/04/2013Under Review