Update December 2020:

The Tasmanian Government Commission of Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was announced on 23 November 2020. We will provide further advice once the Terms of Reference are released.

There are several local and national investigations, inquiries and Royal Commissions in progress.

All records relevant to investigations, inquiries and Royal Commissions must be preserved until the inquiry and any subsequent actions are completed.

Current record retention notices:

Please note that disposal freezes override authorised Disposal Schedules.

​About Retention + Disposal Schedules

Retention and Disposal Schedules (RDS) ensure that records of continuing value to the public and the government are accessible for appropriate lengths of time. Approved RDS are one way of managing routine disposal of short term or temporary value records, without the need to repeatedly seek authorisation from the State Archivist.

Schedules may be developed specifically to meet the unique requirements of an agency (functional), to meet the needs of a particular industry (sector), or 'general' in their application (approved for use by all agencies).

Agencies who do not have a current RDS should refer to our pages on RDS development.

Copies of current Retention and Disposal schedules approved for use are available from the list below.

All-DA2135 Training records of government Registered Training organisations30/11/200230/11/2002Requires Review
All-DA2158Short Term Value Records31/08/200330/06/2009Current
All-DA2339 Functional Records of Ministers of the Crown29/12/200929/12/2009Current
All-DA2157Common Administrative Functions29/08/200326/05/2014Under Review
All-DS2101 Tasmanian Electoral Commission (Electoral Records)13/11/200131/01/2013Current
All-DA2437 Administrative records of Inter-Governmental Agencies17/04/20144/03/2015Current
All-DA2159 Source Records29/08/200310/08/2012Current
All-DA2520Records Relating to Child Abuse12/12/201912/12/2019Current
All-DA2532COVID-19 Disease Emergency Records23/07/202031/07/2020Current
Government Business Enterprises-DA2368 Functional Records of the Public Trust Office31/12/19984/04/2011Current
Government Business Enterprises-DA2427 Energy Business Records of Aurora Energy - re-released version27/03/201417/05/2017Current
Government Business Enterprises-DA2448 Tasmanian Ports Corporation30/09/201430/09/2014Current
Government Business Enterprises-DA2092 Functional Records of Transend Networks20/09/200120/09/2001Requires Review
Government Business Enterprises-DA2341 Hydro Electric Corporation16/12/201016/12/2010Current
Government Business Enterprises-DS 12 Functional Records of the Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation20/05/199320/05/1993Requires Review
Government Business Enterprises-DA2492Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB)24/01/201824/01/2018Current
Government Business Enterprises-DA2459Functional Records of Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd22/09/20179/02/2018Current
Government Business Enterprises-DA2506Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority PAHSMA Records27/11/201927/11/2019Current
Local Government-DA2247Functional Records of the Local Government Board6/06/20066/06/2006Current
Local Government-DA2436 Tasmanian Water and Sewer Corporation28/02/201428/02/2014Current
Local Government-DA2200Functional Records of Local Government31/10/20103/05/2017Current
Other-DA2370 Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel5/04/20115/04/2011Current
Other-DA2382 Functional Records of the Tasmanian Audit Office29/08/201129/08/2011Current
Other-DA2416 Functional Records of Retirement Benefits Fund31/01/201331/01/2013Current
Other-DS 28 Ombudsman and Health Complaints Commissioner31/10/199630/11/2013Current
Other-DA2093 Tasmanian Electricity Distribution Network - System Controller20/09/200120/09/2001Requires Review
Other-DA2398 University of Tasmania4/05/201213/12/2013Current
Other-DS 8 Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board14/01/199325/08/2004Requires Review
Other-DS 19 Records of assistance under the Tasmanian Development Act 198318/10/199417/09/2004Requires Review
Other-DA2460Functional Records of TasRail13/09/201720/12/2017Current
Other-DA2494 Functional Records of Public Transport Services - Metro Tasmania7/06/20187/06/2018Current
Other-DA2507Functional Records of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)7/06/20187/06/2018Current
State GovernmentEducationDA2125 State Library and Archives Trust31/08/200231/08/2002Requires Review
State GovernmentEducationDA2280Functional Records of Government Schools and Colleges6/06/20071/07/2015Current
State GovernmentEducationDS 13 Office of Post-Compulsory Education and Training (Training planning)19/07/199318/12/1995Requires Review
State GovernmentEducationDA2422 Schools Registration Board30/06/201330/06/2013Current
State GovernmentEducationDA2299 Functional Records of the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority30/11/200831/08/2014Current
State GovernmentEducationDA2439Functional Records for the Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council19/05/201419/05/2014Current
State GovernmentEducationDA2281 Department of Education3/05/200729/09/2017Current
State GovernmentEducationDA2183 Vocational Education and Training records - TAFE22/10/19936/07/2004Requires Review
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDS 15 Functional Records of Pharmaceutical Services22/10/199322/10/1993Requires Review
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDS 20 Public Hospital Patient and Medical Records7/03/199517/12/2004Requires Review
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDS 23 Sexual Health Program including HIV and AIDS Unit15/02/199515/02/1995Requires Review
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDS 27 Functional Records of the Tasmanian Ambulance Service2/08/199631/07/2013Requires Review
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA 36Oral Health31/05/199831/12/2013Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2431 Tasmanian Autism Diagnostic Service31/12/201331/12/2013Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDS 35 Spectacles and intra-ocular assistance scheme6/09/20026/09/2002Requires Review
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2426Client Health Records13/11/201315/12/2017Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2499Disability and Community Services Records18/06/201818/06/2018Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2501Housing Tasmania Records19/06/201819/06/2018Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2522Functional Records of TAZREACH (Department of Health)29/10/201929/10/2019Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2463Public Health - Radiation Protection and Public Health Laboratory Services8/04/20208/04/2020Current
State GovernmentHealth & Human ServicesDA2523Public Health Services8/04/20208/04/2020Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2122Functional Records of the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service1/07/20021/02/2012Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2185 Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction records of Supreme Court (Tas)6/07/20046/07/2004Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDA2270Functional Records of the Parole Board13/07/200713/07/2007Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDA2418 Health Practitioners Tribunal30/06/201330/06/2013Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2450Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages31/08/201431/08/2014Current
State GovernmentJusticeDS 6 Community Corrections Client Records1/10/19929/07/2004Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDS 14 Conveyancing Records of Crown Solicitors office14/09/19932/06/2010Current
State GovernmentJusticeDS 41 Appeal Hearings of the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal7/09/199913/07/2004Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDA2222Functional Records of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal20/09/200531/05/2013Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2452 Asbestos Compensation Tribunal31/10/201431/10/2014Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2103 Records of Central Administration and Policy Development6/12/20016/12/2001Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDS 4 Office of Consumer Affairs24/08/199224/08/1992Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDS 16 Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions - civil and criminal litigation4/10/20004/10/2000Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDS 18Business Affairs Office17/05/200017/05/2000Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDS 42Resource Planning and Development Commission - records of hearings for planning approval10/09/199910/09/1999Requires Review
State GovernmentJusticeDA2094 Workplace Health and Safety Regulation28/09/200129/09/2010Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2230 Tasmanian Corrective Service16/11/200615/02/2008Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2467 Integrity Commission9/05/20169/05/2016Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2481Functional Records of Rental Services - Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading14/07/201714/07/2017Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2490Functional Records of Registration Services - Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading9/11/20179/11/2017Current
State GovernmentJusticeDA2496Functional Records of the Guardianship and Administration Board5/06/20185/06/2018Current
State GovernmentJusticeDS40Magistrates Court of Tasmania1/01/20036/12/2019Current
State GovernmentPolice & Emergency ManagementDA2366Functional Records of the Police Review Board30/03/201130/03/2011Current
State GovernmentPolice & Emergency ManagementDA2351 Department of Police and Emergency Management25/10/201016/05/2013Current
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2348 Functional Records of the Tasmanian Womens Council13/03/201013/03/2010Requires Review
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2367 Functional Records of the Office of the State Service Commissioner29/03/201129/03/2011Current
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2434 Functional Records of the Tasmanian Community Fund5/02/20145/02/2014Current
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2444 Sport and Recreation Tasmania31/07/201431/07/2014Current
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2130 Aged Support Services4/12/20024/12/2002Requires Review
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2248 Department of Premier and Cabinet29/11/200729/11/2007Requires Review
State GovernmentPremier & CabinetDA2283Service Tasmania Unit7/08/20077/08/2007Requires Review
State GovernmentPrimary Industries, Parks, Water & EnvironmentDA2400Functional Records of Environmental Management7/12/20127/12/2012Current
State GovernmentPrimary Industries, Parks, Water & EnvironmentDA2440Functional Records of the Inland Fisheries Service16/12/201416/12/2014Current
State GovernmentPrimary Industries, Parks, Water & EnvironmentDA2165 Racing Tasmania18/07/200320/01/2014Under Review
State GovernmentPrimary Industries, Parks, Water & EnvironmentDA2297 Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment24/09/200815/04/2013Current
State GovernmentPrimary Industries, Parks, Water & EnvironmentDA2487Functional Records of Parks and Cultural Heritage DPIPWE v211/01/201821/05/2019Current
State GovernmentState GrowthDA2442 Department of State Growth31/07/201431/07/2014Current
State GovernmentState GrowthDA2447 DEDTA Temporary Common Administrative31/07/201418/12/2015Current
State GovernmentState GrowthDA2186 Mineral Resources Tasmania12/07/200412/07/2004Requires Review
State GovernmentState GrowthDS 33 Records relating to Employment Programs1/05/19981/05/1998Requires Review
State GovernmentState GrowthDS 43 Transport Infrastructure and Services14/12/199914/12/1999Requires Review
State GovernmentTreasury & FinanceDA2384Functional Records of the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator14/09/201114/09/2011Current
State GovernmentTreasury & FinanceDS 44 Department of Treasury and Finance25/11/200325/11/2003Requires Review
Statutory Authorities-DA2417 Functional Records of the Marine and Safety Authority Tasmania3/07/20133/07/2013Current
Statutory Authorities-DA2510Legal Profession Board of Tasmania (LPBT) Records21/11/201821/11/2018Current