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Introduction to Records Management
A PowerPoint presentation which gives all Tasmanian Public Sector Employees a basic introduction to records management.

A Trainers Manual which complements the Introduction to Records Management presentation and is designed to facilitate training within the Tasmanian public sector. 

Both the Introduction to Records Management presentation and Trainers Manual may be used freely and adapted or expanded to maximise their effectiveness as training tools within your Agencies.

Keep the Knowledge – Make a Record
Overview of Records Management Keep the Knowledge - Make a Record is also available to assist trainers to teach State and local government employees about their recordkeeping responsibilities.

It explains what records are, what kinds of records employees should make and keep, and when they can access and dispose of records.

This presentation looks at the business considerations when implementing digitisation programs, including selecting an approach, change management, migrating digitised formats, technical consideration, quality assurance, managing digital record and legal admissibility.

Social Media and Recordkeeping
Social media sites and their functionalities and communities are emerging at breathtaking speed, and changing how government does its business and engages with citizens. Yet there are enduring recordkeeping principles that apply to transactions made in these online environments. This presentation examines the issues and provides guidance for records managers and public servants about using social media.

Tools for Local Government
This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of information management and recordkeeping considerations for local government.

TAHO information session on Recordkeeping for Councillors (presented to a LGAT General Managers Meeting in 2014). This presentation outlines some strategies Councils may employ to support Councillor recordkeeping.

Recordkeeping for Councillors training presentation, originally developed for Councillors at Flinders Council.

​Industry Papers

Papers from the 4th Information Management Forum (Emerging Technologies) - 21 August 2015

Papers from the 3rd Information Management Forum (Managing Information Risks) - 26 September 2014

Papers from the 2nd Information Management Forum - 6 September 2013

Papers from the 1st Information Management Forum - 23 November 2012