​Data Breaches: Prepare, Prevent, Respond, Recover

This guidance has been prepared to capture learnings from recent data breach incidents. The exposure draft can be accessed here.

On the Record - May 2019

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Information Management Framework exposure drafts

The Office of the State Archivist (OSA) is leading the development of an Information Management Framework for the Tasmanian Government, aligned to whole of government policy and strategies issued by the Office of eGovernment (now Digital Strategy and Services). The Framework identifies and defines the various components which contribute to effective information management. We will publish exposure drafts on our website and invite comments. Drafts can be accessed here.

UPDATE: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia

The Commonwealth Government established a national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia in 2013. 

In response the State Archivist imposed a freeze on destruction of any records potentially relating to the Royal Commission and this has been in place since December 2012. Under this arrangement documents required for the Royal Commission must not be destroyed even if an approved disposal schedule or disposal authorisation is in place. All records relevant to the investigation or inquiry must be identified and preserved until it is completed. This includes historical records.

The Royal Commission’s final report has been released and includes a volume relating to recordkeeping and information sharing

The Tasmanian Government has made a response to the recommendations of the report.

We will be following the Commission's recommendations that these records be kept for at least 45 years. Meanwhile our freeze on the destruction of any records remains in place.

The State Archivist has contacted heads of Tasmanian Government Agencies to advise on the status of the freeze, and our next steps. We will continue to update our website as work progresses.