​Keep the Knowledge - Make a Record

Keep the Knowledge - Make a Recordis a package for trainers to assist them to teach State and Local government employees about their recordkeeping responsibilities. It explains what records are, what kinds of records employees should make and keep, and when they can access and dispose of records.

This guide to using Keep the Knowledge - Make a Record will help you get to know the training package.

Presenter's Notes

The presenter's notes provide the basic information staff need to know on each topic. They are not a 'script'. Rather, they are a framework for a presentation. It is essential that you modify the notes to suit your organisation and your audience.

The full training package, including the presenter's notes, is available to all Tasmanian government agencies and authorities and councils. The notes can be downloaded as a Word document

PowerPoint Slide

Like the presenter's notes the PowerPoint slideshow for Keep the Knowledge - Make a Record should be adapted as required to suit your organisation. You can add to, delete from, or modify the slideshow according to the content of your training session.Decoration only

You can download the slide show.

Evaluation form

Training sessions should be evaluated. The training package includes an evaluation form that you can customise and ask participants to complete at the end of the training session.

The form can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Brochure and ready reference sheet

The Keep the Knowledge - Make a Record brochure summarises the main points of the training notes and slides.The brochure is in a three-fold format.

The reference sheet provides a handy reference for staff on when to make and keep records.

The brochure and reference sheet can be downloaded as word documents.

Adapt the training

As a trainer, you can adapt this training material to your own organisation's needs. You can deliver the training as a discrete module for existing employees, or you can integrate it with general induction training for new employees. You can deliver it face-to-face, or you can adapt it for web-based delivery.

We urge you to read the training material carefully before using it for training purposes. That way, you can identify where and how to tailor it to suit your organisation.

You may find you can use the slideshow, booklet, reference card and evaluation form as they are. The framework of presenter's notes for Keep the Knowledge is written in a broad and generic style. Your presentation will be more effective if you modify the notes to meet the needs of your organisation and your participants.

To obtain additional information to help you tailor the training material and present the training, see the relevant pages on the National Archives of Australia website.

The Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office wishes to thank the National Archives of Australia for providing the training package and for permission to customise the materials for use by Tasmanian government organisations.