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 Update January 2018:  We are reviewing our templates to support our new Framework. Please continue to use them as needed, and contact us if you have questions.

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Application to dispose of Permanent source records (Guideline 8)MS Word Template
​Requesting authorisation for the destruction of source records appraised as being of permanent value (Guideline 8)
Application to dispose of State Records AOT48MS Excel
Transfers to Tasmanian Archives of permanent records; requests for Destruction Authorities
Implementation Tool - Policy for Information and Records Management - TemplateMS Word Template
Policy template for Tasmanian Government organisations
Register of Records Destroyed AOT31MS Excel
Managing a register of records destruction within the agency
Template - Notification of incidentMS Word Template
Notifying us of lost, damaged or destroyed records
Template - Notification of intention to develop a Retention and Disposal ScheduleMS Word Template
Formal notification to us of your intention to commence a Retention + Disposal Schedule development project
Template - Request for transfer exemptionMS Word Template
Requesting a temporary exemption from transfer of records to Tasmanian Archives
Template - Request for transfer of ownershipMS Word Template
Requesting a transfer of ownership of State records to a non-government organisation or entity