Standards for good information management practice:
Implementation tools you may choose to use:
Information Assets Standard (Exposure draft due Q3 2019) This Standard describes how to use information asset registers to help you manage your high-risk, high-value information assets. Supports the Information Assets Standard:
Information Security Classification Standard (Exposure draft due Q3 2019)
This Standard describes information classification standards. It replaces - in part - the Tasmanian Government Information Security Policy. Supports the Information Security Classification Standard:
Metadata Standard (Exposure draft due Q3 2019)
This Standard describes metadata requirements for information and records. Supports the Metadata Standard
Set of Cybersecurity Standards (Exposure draft due Q2, Q3, Q4 2019) These Standards are a collection describing the minimum requirements for security domains that each agency will implement to ensure that a baseline cybersecurity posture is in place across Government. Supports the Set of Cybersecurity Standards:
Information and Records Management Standard This Standard describes the minimum requirements for managing information and records throughout their lifecycle. Supports the Information and Records Management Standard:
Physical Storage Technical Standard This Standard describes minimum storage requirements for State records. This includes records held in the custody of government organisations, as well as those outsourced to commercial providers. It covers all types of physical storage media.

Commercial providers seeking certification as Approved Secondary Storage Providers (ASSP) will be assessed against this Standard.
Supports the Physical Storage Technical Standard:
Digital Preservation Standard (Exposure draft due Q3 2019) This Standard describes how to digitise information so it can be accessed for as long as required. Supports the Digital Preservation Standard:
Destruction Methods Technical Standard (Exposure draft due 2019)
This Standard describes destruction methods of records.

It is an interim Standard, it will apply until the Tasmanian Government Information Security Policy is reviewed and replaced.
Supports the Destruction Methods Technical Standard: