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​Tasmanian Government Strategic Information Framework

The Government Information Strategy Unit is leading the development of a Strategic Information Framework for the Tasmanian Government. The Strategic Information Framework identifies and defines the various components which contribute to effective information management, and serves as an organising framework for ensuring appropriate policy coverage and avoiding overlaps which may occur without such a framework.

A framework has been developed which recognises that in order to achieve the maturity of practice in information management that is required in the Tasmanian Government, an overarching Strategic Information framework needs to be defined. The Strategic framework includes:

                    • Information Management framework
                    • Information Strategy, and
                    • Information Management policy. 

The Strategic framework is aligned to other whole of government policy and strategy, for example ICT Strategy, and Information Security Policy. The Strategic Information Framework will be accompanied by supporting documents and tools such as implementation guides, templates, Guidelines, Advice, and identified Information Standards which are key resources for effective implementation of the strategic framework.

GISU will be engaging with a range of stakeholders across government to ensure the framework is fit for purpose.